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Product name : Yard Tarps/Leaf Tarps
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 Yard Tarps,Yard Tarpaulin,Ground Sheet,Leaf Tarps,Leaf Tarpaulin,Leaf Cover


Yard tarps/Leaf Tarps are designed for easy piling and haul-away. Just pile leaves or mulch on the tarp, pull the handles and easily haul away.

Yard tarps or leaf tarps have 1/4" polypropylene rope handles at all 4 corners. Hitac's yard tarps includePoly Yard Tarps and Vinyl Yard Tarps.

Poly yard tarps/Leaf Tarps are made of heavy duty industrial polyethylene. Poly yard tarp is light weight and versatile. Poly yard tarp fabric has built-in UV protection for both sides for maximum weatherproofing. Designed for maximum strength and durability.

Heavy duty vinyl yard tarps are made of heavy duty 10 oz vinyl coated polyester, which are strong and tear resistant. Heavy duty yard tarps are designed for longer service life and outstanding performance.

  • Yard tarps or leaf tarps are UV treated and easily washable.
  • Drawstring around all 4 sides and corners of the tarp.
  • Yard tarps or leaf tarps easily hold leaves, mulch, wood chips, dirt, fertilizer and debris. String handles make haul-away really easy.
  • Multi-purpose tarp clean-up tool. Great for outside storage too.
  • Product Hot sale water-proof pe sheet,poly sheet,yard tarp,leaf tarps
    Material HDPE,LDPE
    Weight 100-200gsm
    Width 1.83m, 2m, 2.44m, 3.66m or 4m,available for wider fabric by heat sealing. Or according to the customers requirement
    Size Any sizes by the customers requirement
    Color double green, double blue, double orange, blue-orange, blue-silver, green-silver, blue, white, red stripe and so on, custom made
    Rope reinforced hem , sewn sealed edges,and sewn reinforced corner.
    sun-resistant, UV treated, lightweight, easy to fold, durable and other characteristics.
    Use Cover for cargo’s transportation by truck, train, ship, etc.; cover for outdoor storage of cargoes at factory, mining, harbor, port, etc.; windshield tarpaulin for wild and aloft work; tent for outdoor trip and refugee; work shed, car canopy, agricultural shed; sun-shading umbrella; architectural security fences; cover for yachts, weapons, cars, ovens, timber, cotton, pools,furniture, etc.; Ad cloth, mulching film, fences,leisure mat; transit storage tanks for food, bio-medicine, daily chemical, etc. before packing; industrial packing materials, etc. .
    Package Packed in roll or in bales or cartons

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