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Product name : Army Tent/Military Tent
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 Product Name:

Military Tent,Army Tent,Military Tent,Cotton Tent,Canvas Tent
TN1010 (Army tents) 
Main product Favourable price High quality 
Waterproof ,rainproof,Fireproof, Sun Protected,Dirtproof,Moisture-proof

1. Item:vehicle-maintenance cotton tent (Army tent)

2. Purpose:Military Standard

3. Length:14m

4. Width:9m

5. Top height:5.1m

6. Side height:3.2m

7. The size of wing house:  3m×2m×1.6m×2.2m

8. The material of tent body:28 × 2 / 28 × 2 waterproof camouflage polyester canvas

9. The material of tent   frame:40×40×1.5mm,35×35×1.2mm,30×30×1.2mm,25×25×1.2mm  frequency welding galvanized steel pipe

10. Usage:It's mainly used for vehicle-maintenance

11. Character:rational construction,safe and reliable

12. Life:3years-5years

13.Payment term:T/T,L/C


We are a joint venture with professional technology. It was reformed from former Chinese Peoples Liberation Army's 3524th Factory. We mainly supply military products, especially tent. Our company has been assessed and registered against the quality management standard: ISO9001:2000

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